Welcome to our Mink Wink Lashes MWPro Program!

The MWPro Program was designed to create a strong relationship between Mink Wink Lashes and makeup artists worldwide, with the goal of promoting the use of mink  lashes as the new up and coming beauty trend! The program offers an extremely competitive discount on all of our products for our approved make-up artists. Once you are an approved MWPro member,  you will receive a unique code which you can use to buy the lashes at a discounted rate. We will also begin tracking the number of lashes you have purchased from us. The more you buy, the more you save! 

If you are interested in joining our MWPro Program, please fill out the application below and upon approval, we will email you an information sheet as well as your welcome package! For any other inquiries regarding the MWPro program, please email us at mwpro@minkwinklashes.com.

acceptable file types .pdf .doc .docx .zip maximum file size 5mb

Yes, I give Mink Wink Lashes consent to list my information on this website (www.minkwinklashes.com) and/or social media sites as a member of the MWPro program; This may include my picture, website, contact info and a brief description of my work.